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About FSTA

Fast Taxes Done Right!

Faith Steppers Tax Academy is a Tax service business that seeks to impact the community through the provision of excellent service and optimal opportunity for those looking for a career that works!

Here at FSTA we go far an above to service our clients. We gather all of your tax info and then diligently seek out the best IRS certified methods for getting you back the most moeny possible. We don't desire to leave any money on the table, and because of this we not only offer a "done for you" service, but we also train other on how to do taxes with our level of effieciency and optimization.  

About the Owner


I am a very unique and unforgettable individual. As a 33 year old single mother of three daughters, entrepreneur and mentor, like most single mother’s of today’s time I was faced with many challenges in life working a 9-5 trying to make a suitable lifestyle for my daughters and myself. It wasn’t until I found myself going in circles repeating the same poverty cycle when a life changing situation happened for the worst, that’s when I decided I was no longer settling, my life has to have a greater purpose. I knew I was created for more than what I was accepting. I made an executive decision to change my story. I packed my things and moved me and my daughters to Georgia.


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After begin in Georgia for a few months searching for work I ran across a career position I knew I wasn’t qualified for (I thought I wasn’t qualified for) I prayed about it and I said “ the only thing they could say is No” so I still applied for the Tax preparers position(At this time Tax business were mainly looking for experience individuals or you had to have an accounting degree).


Moving forward, I applied for the position and received a call back for an interview. I was open and honest with the owners of the company and they gave me a chance. Within two years of being with the company I became a district manager over four locations, one begin located in Florida. My third year i partner with the company and also opened my own tax business separate from their name, I’ve been winning since then, generating a six figure income plus for myself. This field has taught me so much about myself and I’ve learned this is more than just about creating generational wealth but this is my passion I love what I do! And now I want to help others build an empire for they’re families.